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  1. The modulating effect of lipid bilayer/p-coumaric acid interactions on electrical properties of model lipid membranes and human glioblastoma cells / aut. Monika Naumowicz, Magdalena Kusaczuk, Marcin A Kruszewski, Miroslav Gál, Rafal Kretowski, Marzanna Cechowska-Pasko, Joanna Kotynska
    Naumowicz Monika  Kusaczuk Magdalena Kruszewski Marcin A. Gál Miroslav ; 042120 Kretowski Rafal Cechowska-Pasko Marzanna Kotynska Joanna
    Bioorganic Chemistry . Vol. 92, (2019), s. 3242-3242 [13 s.]
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