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Applied Mechanics and Materials

  1. Title statementApplied Mechanics and Materials : Novel Trends in Production Devices and Systems
    Year, No.Vol. 474, rok 2014
    Issue data2014
    Issue dataZürich Switzerland : Trans Tech PublicationsScitec Publications Ltd.
    NoteISBN?: 3-03785-944-X; 3-03826-325-7
    Collective Record/Entry Applied Mechanics and Materials
    Document kindBRR - ročník a/alebo číslo časopisu
    References (35) - článok


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    284M085845M*Z-4175Materiálovotechnická fakultaM KN
    284M085846M*Z-4176Materiálovotechnická fakultaM KNborrowed (until *02.01.2024)
    284M085852M*Z-4174Materiálovotechnická fakultaM KNborrowed (until *02.01.2024)
    284M085933M*Z-4179Materiálovotechnická fakultaM KN
    284M085934M*Z-4180Materiálovotechnická fakultaM KN
Number of the records: 1  

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