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Annual Report 2014 - Prostredie vzdelávania na fakulte

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    Title statementAnnual Report 2014 - Prostredie vzdelávania na fakulte / Kvetoslava Rešetová
    Another responsib. Rešetová, Kvetoslava, 1958- Z7 (Compiler) - MTF Odbor poznatkového manažmentu
    Translated titleAnnual Report 2014 - Faculty Educational Environment
    Edition statement1. vyd.
    Issue dataTrnava : MTF STU, 2015
    Phys.des.100 s.
    Document kindAZN - zborník
    CategoryFAI - Editorial and reported works (bibliographies, magazines, encyclopedies, catalogs, dictionaries, year-books...)
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    284EO00430E*O- 430Fakulta elektrotechniky a informatikyŠtudovňa FEI - CD-ROMIn-Library Use Only