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Historic Wooden Architecture in Europe and Russia

  1. Title statementHistoric Wooden Architecture in Europe and Russia : Evidence, Study and Restoration / Evgeny Khodakovsky, Siri Skjold Lexau
    Another responsib. Khodakovsky, Evgeny
    Skjold Lexau, Siri
    Issue dataBasel : Birkhäuser, 2015
    Phys.des.1 online resource
    AnnotationThis reference book explains the current state of research on contemporary methods and procedures for dealing with historic timber structures. It summarizes the results of a buildings researchers' conference in late 2014 in Prague, which was dedicated to the three main aspects essential to dealing with historic timber structures: construction, architecture history, and repair and maintenance.
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    Subj. Headings architecture
    religious architecture
    drevené kostoly
    sakrálna architektúra
    architektonické pamiatky
    rekonštrukcia historických objektov
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