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Disturbance observer based controller in object tracking

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    Title statementDisturbance observer based controller in object tracking / aut. Peter Ťapák
    Main entry-name Ťapák, Peter, 1979- (Author) - FEI Ústav automobilovej mechatroniky
    In 2016 Cybernetics & informatics (K&I) [CD-ROM, [248 s.]] / International conference Cybernetics & Informatics. -- Danvers : IEEE, 2016. -- ISBN 978-1-5090-1834-5. -- CD-ROM, [5] s.
    Subj. Headings disturbance observer
    visual servoing
    object tracking
    Document kindRZB - článok zo zborníka
    CategoryAFD - Reports at home scientific conferences