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  1. Development of Multifunctional Conservation Technologies for the preservation of cultural heritage objects and materials / Katarína Vizárová, Radko Tiňo, Michal Jablonský, Milena Reháková, Jozef Hanus, Svetozár Katuščák
    Vizárová, Katarína, ; 049380 Tiňo, Radko, ; 049380 Jablonský, Michal, ; 049380 Reháková, Milena, ; 049160 Hanus, Jozef, ; 049380 Katuščák, Svetozár,
    1. vyd.
    Bratislava : Slovak University of Technology, 2016 . - 16 s.
    ISBN 978-80-89597-41-3
    GII - Several publications and documents, which are not in any previous category
    GLOB - záznamy, ktoré neprešli globalkami


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