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  1. Refurbishment Manual : Maintenance, Conversions, Extensions / Georg Giebeler, Harald Krause, Rainer Fisch, Florian Musso, Bernhard Lenz, Alexander Rudolphi

    Basel : Birkhäuser, 2012
    ©2009 . - 1 online resource
    ISBN 9783034614337
    architecture conservation restoration reconstruction Theory of architecture Architectural History construction architectural heritage 19th century 20th century 19. storočie architektúra 20. storočia conversion obnova rekonštrukcia historických objektov renovácia údržba budov konverzia budov nadstavby budov manuál konzervácia stavebné materiály technické zariadenia budov
    A practical planning aid for conversions and extensions to existing structures, this manual offers concrete tips on planning steps and cost analysis, covers all aspects from energy-efficiency to fire protection and historic preservation, with clear constructional solutions and built projects as examples.
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