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  1. Possibilities of free tools, in informative calculation of the enrgy performance of the house in the Slovak Republic / aut. Andrej Adamuščin, Mária Glatz, Jaroslav Kultan, Branislav Mišota
    Adamuščin Andrej ; 902020  Glatz Mária ; 902023 Kultan Jaroslav Mišota Branislav ; 902023
    SGEM 2019. 19th international multidisciplinary scientific geoconference. Vol. 19. Ecology, economics,education and legislation Issue: 5.3 . S.565-571
    článok zo zborníka
    AFC - Reports at international scientific conferences
    V2 - Vedecký výstup publikačnej činnosti ako časť editovanej knihy alebo zborníka


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